How To Cut A Hair Sample


  1. Shampoo your hair the same day, or the day before sampling is done. Ideally, shampoo hair, let it dry, and cut the sample soon after.
  2. Cut hair anywhere on the head and as close to the scalp as possible. Cut small samples from a few places on scalp to avoid it being noticeable.
  3. Set each sample down on a surface and measure 1 inch or 2 centimeters from the cut end near root or scalp. After 1 inch of hair is measured, cut excess and discard, save that 1 inch portion for testing. Also, do not send hair cut from the ends of long hair. It will not give accurate results.
  4. Send enough hair, the lab requires 125 mg of hair. When you place your order, I will send you a scale for measuring and complete instructions.
  5. Print your name, age, and gender on the sampling envelop provided.

Hair Test

Shaved head cut hair with a clean electric razor. Save the clippings in a paper envelope and then razor cut it again in a week or so, and repeat perhaps a few times until you fill a tablespoon with hair or tip the scale that will be provided.

Tints and Dyes- rarely affect the test because they do not contain any minerals. Therefore, you may sample dyed hair. Ideally, take a hair sample before dying your hair.

Permanents or Bleached hair- these treatments somewhat alter the structure of the hair. Sample the hair before a treatment or Wash the hair for at least a few weeks before sampling the hair.

Water Softener, if your home has one- before sampling hair, you must shampoo it four times with unsoftened tap water or reverse osmosis water.

Hair Cutting Instructions